Recently, CIMC Group's CIMC-TIANDAJirong Air Refrigeration Co., Ltd. has signed the ground air-conditioning project contract of  Hong Kong International Airport’s North Satellite Building.




So far, CIMC-TIANDAJirong has provided more than 680 air-conditioners for 33 airports worldwide, including 350 aircraft air-conditioners serving 10 overseas airports, which stands for over 50% of the international market. The new project with a total of 51 aircraft air conditioning in Chilean Arturo Merino - Benitez airport in 2017, will promote more far-reaching development of CIMC-TIANDAJirong in the international market.


As one of the busiest airports in the world, the Hong Kong International Airport adhere to use foreign brand of air conditioning before. In 2012, for the first time the HK airport ordered 89 aircraft air conditioning for preliminary trial from Jirong, then continued ordered to use. As of now, with the figure of 182 units in total, more the 80% of the aircraft air conditioning in HK International Airport are provided by CIMC-TIANDAJirong



According to the project team, the design of this successful unit is in strict accordance with the requirements of the Hong Kong Airport and adopted a new structure. Located in coastal areas, Hong Kong is moist and rainy throughout the year. This kind of environment requires a higher level of anti-corrosion of the air conditioning unit's. 
CIMC-TIANDAJirong’s aircraft air conditioning can fully meet the requirements such as high anti-corrosion and other related harsh environmental conditions. Not only to satisfied the basic requirement of the airport, this unit also has a low noise, air supply with low temperature, rapid cooling, energy saving and other significant advantages.



Before the new transformation plan to the North satellite building, Hong Kong Airport merely order two sets air conditioning for performance test use from CIMC-TIANDAJirongThe winning of this bid definitely show the recognition of CIMC-TIANDAJirong brand and the product quality of rest assured; also marks that CIMC-TIANDAJirong will, serve almost all the ground airplane air conditioning become the largest equipment provider for the Hong Kong Airport in the future.
Not only obtain a strong reputation for CIMC-TIANDAJirong in the international market, but promote the “made in China” brand to the rest of the world and open a wider road for other domestic brands.